Famous Psychic Jojo Acuin is Dead

Renowned Filipino psychic Jojo Acuin -- who is called the Nostradamus of Asia for his accurate predictions of nationally significant occurences in Philippine society, politics and show business -- died at the age of 63 on April 29, 2010 during his hospital confinement at the Philippine Heart Center. Acuin was reportedly brought to the hospital last March 19 because of pneumonia, aside from his long-term illness from diabetes.

Acuin's remains lie in state at his residence in San Pablo City in the province of Laguna. No schedule of interment has been announced as of this writing.

Acuin is called the Nostradamus of Asia because many of his yearly predictions have come true, among which were the electoral win of former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos, the eruption of the Pinatubo Volcano, the earthquake in Central Luzon, the death of highly acclaimed and award-winning director Lino Broka through an accident. He also predicted that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo would be elected Vice President of the Philippines. In 2004, Acuin predicted that a candidate in the presidential election would die. Before the year ended, on December 14, actor Fernando Poe Jr. died. He was Arroyo's staunchest rival in the 2004 presidential poll.

For the year 2010, Acuin predicted that actress Judy Ann Santos will get pregnant and that many people will die because of the bloody May 2010 elections. The Judy Ann Santos pregnancy prediction already came true recently, but the one on the bloody 2010 polls has yet to be seen this month.

In an online article dated December 21, 2009, ABS-CBN listed Acuin's predictions for 2010. Notably, the article ended with the following words:
"Death is inevitable, said Acuin, but he opted not to dwell on this sad note."
It seems that Acuin did sense that the end was near for him.
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