New TV5 sexy drama highlights beauty of Misibis Bay

The beautiful resort paradise of Misibis Bay once caught the world's attention when High School Musical cutie turned Hollywood hunk Zac Efron visited the Philippines and raved about his amazing adventures in the Bicol Region. TV5 took the cue and conceptualized a steamy revenge drama that has Misibis Bay as its central setting and titled it, well, Misibis Bay.

Premiering this July 1 in TV5's primetime block, Misibis Bay is a riveting story of love, hatred, deception and revenge that happens amid the breathtaking scenery, pristine beaches and picturesque resorts of Misibis Bay. In fact, according to the show's business unit manager, Marge Natividad, they used the actual Misibis Bay villa where Zac Efron stayed as the honeymoon room of the drama series' lead stars Christopher De Leon and Ritz Azul.

Okay, so I got your attention by mentioning "honeymoon", "Christopher De Leon" and "Ritz Azul" in one sentence. You know that Christopher De Leon is an award-winning actor in his 50s and Ritz Azul is a 19-year-old homegrown talent of TV5 (she's actually one of the grand finalists of TV5's first-ever reality based artista search, Star Factor).  Why are they having their honeymoon in the drama series? Well, you guess right! They were married in the May-December love story - and the fact that Misibis Bay is dubbed as a sexy drama gives you more than enough hints that you'll be seeing some sensual, sizzling, steamy scenes with a lot of bare (nude) skin if you watch this show.

Daniel Matsunaga and  Ritz Azul
To give you an idea, here's one of the Misibis Bay's publicity photos of the pretty and sexy Ritz Azul with hot hunk Daniel Matsunaga, who plays the role of one of Christopher De Leon's heartthrob sons in the series:

So you ask, if Ritz Azul is married to Christopher De Leon in the story and Daniel Matsunaga is Christopher De Leon's son, why do Ritz and Daniel have an intimate photo together? Does this imply that the young wife is having an affair with her old husband's son?

That's what makes a sexy drama interesting, doesn't it? Let me give you the gist of the story to further entice you to watch TV5's Misibis Bay when it opens this July 1.

Ritz Azul takes on her most daring role as Maita Ramirez, a barrio lass who marries the rich and much-older businessman Anthony Cadiz (Christopher De Leon) thinking that it will end all her life's miseries. As a real estate tycoon and a former womanizer who father three children with different women, Anthony Cadiz thought he was mending all his past wrongdoings by marrying the girl whose family rightfully owned the land on which the Cadiz family's resort is built.

Maita and Anthony both thought they were doing the right thing when they decided to get married, but it turned out that their marriage was but the start of a complex web of lies, heartbreak and vengeance that will entangle them, their loved ones and the lives of all the people around them.

Misibis Bay also stars Artista Academy grand winner Vin Abrenica, Victor Silayan (another homegrown TV5 talent), hunk model Luke Jickain, Lucky Mercado, Malak So Shdifat (also an Artista Academy finalist), Andrea Del Rosario and Megan Young, with the original "Ms. Body Beautiful" Vivian Velez and FAMAS Lifetime Achievement awardee Boots Anson-Roa.

The Cadiz brothers Andrew (Daniel Matsunaga), Bernard (Victor Silayan) and Charlie (Vin Abrenica) will all be attracted to and involved with their father's lovely young wife Maita (Ritz Azul), giving the story a lot of "sexy" twists.

So if you're in for a sizzling primetime viewing experience, or maybe you're just curious to see the beautiful sights of Bicol Region's renowned tropical paradise that is Misibis Bay, TV5 might just be offering exactly what you're looking for. Catch the sexy drama Misibis Bay, airing weeknights starting July 1 on TV5.

Here are some more Misibis Bay publicity photos courtesy of TV5:

Daniel Matsunaga
Vin Abrenica

Ritz Azul
Christopher De Leon
Misibis Bay cast during the press conference

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