Miss Q & A Contestant Loses Leg in Tragic Accident

Jennifer Collins, transgender beauty queen
When transgender woman Jennifer Collins became the daily winner in the August 16 episode of It’s Showtime’s gay pageant Miss Q & A, she considered it a great accomplishment, given that it was only her first TV appearance. She gained the admiration and respect of a lot of people with her quick wit and heartfelt answers despite the rather frivolous questions the show’s segment was known for.

For the family breadwinner who has shown unwavering perseverance in working as a freelance real estate agent, makeup artist, costume maker, and choreographer, her Miss Q & A stint brought her closer to her dream of becoming a beauty queen. In fact, a lot people lauded her on social media for her beauty and intelligence, and lot more opined that she deserved the crown for her eloquent answer in the final round. As the daily winner who bested two other contestants, Jennifer was pitted head-on with reigning Miss Q & A Matrica Matmat Centino in the Beklamation Round. The titleholder bagged her ninth crown for the day, but Jennifer remained a winner in the eyes of those who believed that she gave a better and more LGBT-worthy declamation.

JenniferJayson Jiz de Ortega in real life, a resident of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan, and a Mass Communications graduate of Far Eastern University – had high dreams for herself, her family, and the LGBT community she loves with all her heart.

Jennifer lost her right leg in the accident
(photo credit: Jam Arenas)
But on the night of August 31, her dreams crumbled in a flash when the tricycle she was riding was crushed by a speeding jeepney. She survived the horrendous accident that almost killed her, but she woke up in the hospital with an amputated right leg and her other leg still in a cast.

One would think that she would curse the heavens for the tragedy that has befallen her. And Jennifer had every right to express her rage against the universe for taking everything she worked so hard for in one ruthless blow of fate.

However, Jennifer is not one to quickly resent God for her misfortunes. In fact, the first words she uttered when she woke up from her operation were “May plano ang Diyos.” And despite missing her right leg and facing an uncertain future where she may never walk the ramp nor join beauty contests ever again, this strong-willed transgender woman still manages to smile, have a positive outlook in life, and surrender everything to the will of God.

Jennifer’s friends in the LGBT community and peers at Trans Pageantry Philippines are now working to raise enough financial assistance to help Jennifer rebuild her life. Those who want to extend financial help, provide encouragement, or visit Jennifer at the Philippine General Hospital can get in touch with her sister, Jessica Jiz de Ortega, at mobile number 0935-718-1641.

Jennifer's friends call for help on Facebook
What remained of the tricycle Jennifer was riding after it was
crushed by a speeding jeep.
(photo credit: Jam Arenas)
Jennifer remains strong in her faith that God has other plans for her
(photo credit: Jam Arenas)

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