New Finder study ranks PH 4th among 26 countries in P2E gaming adoption


Global fintech platform, in its newly released research, has ranked the Philippines 4th among 26 countries for Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming adoption. According to the study, 25% of Filipinos have used P2E platforms and an additional 14% plan to try by the end of the year - which can boost play-to-earn gaming adoption among Filipinos to nearly 39% this year.  

For Finder's NFT Gaming Adoption Report, polled 43,312 Interned users via Google surveys across 26 countries in March 2022, with 2,471 respondents from the Philippines (view the full methodology here). The study also shows that in the Philippines, men are more likely to play-to-earn than women. 28% of Filipino men say they’ve played-to-earn compared to 22% of women.

According to the report, India has the most P2E gamers (34%), followed by Hong Kong (29%), the UAE (27%), and the Philippines (25%). Sweden has the least number of play-to-earn gamers with just 4%, while France has 6%, Germany has 7%, and the United Kingdom hit 8%.’s cryptocurrency editor Keegan Francis says game developers are increasingly using NFTs and cryptocurrency to build more enticing monetary incentives into their games.

“P2E games have their own digital asset-powered economies, allowing gamers to earn rewards. Gamers can potentially earn two types of cryptocurrency - native cryptocurrency in the form of tokens, or existing cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum."

“It’s currently younger Filipinos who are involved in P2E NFT games, with adoption highest among those in between the ages of 18-44. However we’re expecting to see an uptick in adoption across all age groups," Francis shared, adding that gamers who can’t afford the entry cost to play might want to consider joining a guild.

“Guilds allow players, known as scholars, to play a game like Axie Infinity for free by lending you the required NFTs and you are then usually entitled to a share of the earnings while the remainder goes to the guild.”

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Image credit: Lucie Liz from Pexels

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