DON'T TIE THAT KNOT YET! Make sure you take these medical tests before you get married


Going for a full medical checkup has never been an engagement pre-requisite for couples who believe that they are perfectly made for each other and are bound to stay together forever. 

Imagine the guy going down on one knee, as he lifts the bejeweled ring to his beloved, and popping the question: "Will you undergo a medical checkup with me to see if we're meant for each other?" That is definitely an awkward - and funny - scenario!

But according to Dr. Genebee Puzon, MD from the HealthHub of Makati Medical Center (MakatiMed), it is important for couples to have a clearer picture of their health status, both as individuals and as a couple, so that they can better plan their lives together, especially if they intend to have children of their own. 

A visit to the doctor should be given as much priority as the wedding itself, because only then can the couple be guided into taking the right medical tests to help navigate their health and wellbeing into their married life. Here's a run down of what Dr. Puzon identified as necessary medical tests that every couple should undergo before tying the knot: 


"Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer screenings, and other pre-existing health conditions can be detected through routine blood tests and medical examinations. The sooner you know the current status of your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels, the sooner you can address them with medications and lifestyle changes such as regular exercise and eating a balanced diet," Dr. Puzon explained. 


Dr. Puzon also stressed the importance of getting tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases regardless of whether or not one or both partners have had previous sexual relationships. Some STDs can be asymptomatic and doctors can help detect them and recommend treatment as early as possible. 

"Having an STD could affect your fertility and the health of any of your future children, too. You would want to avoid the risk of transmitting STDs to your partner." 


Many couples find themselves struggling to conceive for years after their marriage. According to Dr. Puzon, a seminal analysis pelvic ultrasound scan, and other types of fertility tests can offer an honest picture of the state of a couple's reproductive organs. 

"When you get the results, you and your partner can plan ahead and turn to necessary referral and treatment to overcome potential challenges once you decide to start a family," she added. 


According to Dr. Puzon, couples need to understand that some mental health conditions can lead to domestic violence and can even be passed on to their children. "It is important for future spouses to undergo psychological tests to know the complete picture [of their mental health] before tying the knot. Mental health exams can help determine conditions such as schizophrenia, depression, mood disorders, mania, and other behavioral and personality disorders," she shared. 

"If you or your partner is diagnosed with a potential mental health condition, do know that there are experts who can guide you in navigating the situation effectively, so both of you can move forward with your plans in the healthiest way possible." 

See? Love is not enough to give your relationship that happy-ever-after fairytale ending. Love means doing everything possible to maintain a healthy relationship -- and that involves keeping you and your partner healthy as well. Going for a medical checkup can help you understand your own bodies and overall wellbeing so that you can both undertake necessary measures to become better partners to each other. 

"With favorable results, you can breathe a sigh of relief and go on with your lives. Should your test results reveal conditions you and your partner were not aware of, do not fret. Your doctors will be there to help you overcome them early so that you and your spouse can enjoy many years of healthy living together," Dr. Puzon concluded.

Image credit: Sandy Millar on Unsplash

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